Monday, May 12, 2008

Surreal Sun!

It will not be false to call sunsets/sunrises as surreal! You actually feel dream like to see sunsets or sunrises. Me and darshit have always tried to catch the various poses of sun in the sky. Sunsets when sun tries to shy away from us.. leaving red/orange hues in the sky.. or sun rises where sun gets up and shakes hand with us when most of us are fast asleep! I am just trying to place all such pictures at one place.

SunSet @ Big Sur, California

SunSet @ Poovar Island, Kerala

SunSet @ Kovalam Beach, Kerala.

Sunset @ Israel

Sunrise @ Yosemite, US

SunSet @ Yercaud, TN

Sunrise @ Grand Canyon

Sunrise @ Munnar, Kerala

Sunrise @ Nandi Hills, Bangalore

Sunset @ Laguna Beach, LA

Sunset @ Pfiffer Beach, Big Sur

Isn't it just surreal?! Sunsets or Sunrises have always fascinated us.. We have always found a new shade in the sunsets/sunrises at different places. Each photo is unique though it is the same phenomena of sunrise or sunset!

I would keep adding more and more such splendid photos as we visit more and more places! Stay tuned.... Read more...