Monday, June 15, 2009

IBN Citizen Journalist! My first little step!

I am happy to share the story which I have submitted to CNN-IBN as IBN Citizen Journalist. The photos that I submitted are now added in the IBN CJ column. You can find in IBN CJ link.

I am awaiting the response on the story. I hope, I wish, I can find some answers through this channel.

"I am one of those lacs of commuters in Bangalore who is witness to one of the worst traffic jams and road rage and who does nothing but crib! And this day was no different. I was already quite late for office. And to my bad luck, Bangalore had received heavy rains the previous night and to Bangalore's worst luck, each and every corner of its road was jammed with traffic!!

So I started my day by joining that traffic queue (And I dont think I need to tell about Indian queues!). I had to be really patient as anyways I had no other option! However I somehow wrestled out of the traffic crowd to reach the main road to office. What can I say?! You need to see this to believe. The main and the only road to my office (one of the prime IT area in Bangalore) was jammed till 2Kms of its area. And here I was a speck in that huge crowd. Finally after waiting for almost half an hour and moving at snail pace, I could see the signal lights at far off distance. I can not tell you how happy I was to see the cross roads nearing me! I accelerated and suddenly I realized that all others were also equally happy :-D And in this vehicles' cold war to move first, we all had lost our cool. But of no use! We all were again stuck because half of the road was full of mud slush!!

Oh I forgot to mention about this part of the road. It has been dug for almost 6-8 months now. But I guess we have now developed extremely indifferent attitudes till it becomes utterly unbearable. And this time it became unbearable for me. The potholes before were atleast visible to escape but rain just created slush. This is when I came to know the real reason for the 2Km long traffic queue!

I wondered what impression our foreign counter parts would carry after going through the traffic turmoil! We call it the Silicon Valley of India. But are we ready for this title?! I doubt. I am sure that you all will agree with me that atleast this silicon valley needs basic pakka roads with proper built pathways. Bangalore is one of the highest tax payers in India. And I am sure that I can ask few questions on all your behalf - "How is my tax money utilized?", "Don't I deserve to travel on pakka roads?". When will we find answers? We are waiting."

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Weekend Spree!

Whoosh! What a hangover that I am lying on the bed with all my spare parts loose and aching!! hahaha..!

As usual we had been planning a day out with family for almost a month and it finally got materialized this weekend! We all were very excited including my 1 year old niece :-D. We planned to go to some far off resort in Bangalore to spend full day away from the pending list of tasks which generally consumes the full weekend. I am sure all of you would be able to relate to this list ;-)

We choose "Eagleton Golf Resort" on Mysore Road and started quite early on Sunday morning. We all planned to spend the entire day there and were awestruck to see such a vast green cover in the resort!

It took us some time to explore the place! And after all the fights over who will do what, we all decided to warm up with a badminton match.

And what a warm up, we never stopped after that! Badminton followed by squash,

followed by basketball, followed by volleyball,

followed by football and then lunch break!!!! I know it is too much.. And I concede that we overdid but then who does not love playing :-D And the day did not end here!!

We had sumptuous lunch buffet and we all including the children savored the delicacies for almost an hour and half!

After all we all had burnt all the calories already ;-) You can imagine next! We all just rushed to lie under the tree shade and did not speak for an hour.. hahaha! I must say that the green grass was much much better than any mattress in the world.

After resting for sometime, we all were again geared up to try out more activities. You know when we are in group, we hardly feel tired! We are so geared up to play, enjoy and explore that we do just do not stop. And we all were no different.

The resort has a big multilevel pool which can tempt anybody. So what can I say - we all jumped in the pool. It was fun to swim there as nobody else was in the pool :-)

We all felt refreshed after swimming. As we proceeded, we were told that there was a small temple in the vicinity on small hill. We all just thought of checking out. And what an idea - We decided to go on bicycle. I would like to advice here based on my experience: if you are not a regular bicycle rider, do not attempt to ride it on a hill!!! We just did that :-))

But the experience paid off when we reached the top! It was a pleasant unexpected surprise. The place was just beautiful!

We stayed there until the moon itself came up to bid bye to us.

We all returned with a big smile on our face. The weekend spree ended in a tranquil manner rejuvenating us for the coming week days though losening some of my spare parts :-)) Read more...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Flavors of Life - II

This is in continuation to post Flavors of Life - I


Tears in their eyes, before I could cry
Smile on their face, when I win the race
Pain in their heart, when I fall apart

Toiled in their lives, to see me flying
Here came the day, I flew high in the sky
just to realize there is no life at those heights!
I was happy to stall, to finally see them all.

Here is the day..
Tears in my eyes, before they could cry,
Smile on my face, when they win the race,
Pain in my heart, when they fall apart,
And Laughs in my heart, to see our new journey start!

Stay tuned for the upcoming flavors.....!!