Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Best Of 2009!!

Before Year-End work in office makes me forget writing, I started off writing this feel good blog! Yes, this blog made me think of all my best days/times in 2009 where I jumped off laughing/enjoying the most. :D

Though generally "Best" is only one, but I am bad at choosing only one winner in each category :)

So here it goes, and the it has to start with Movies (courtesy Darshit - he even made me a movie buff!!!).

My Best Movies of 2009

I must have watched maximum number of movies this year. And this is why I had many nominations in this category ;-) But my best movies are:

1) Chhoti Si Baat (1975)

Yes I watched this movie in 2009. I had watched it earlier but I guess was too young to understand the subtleties of this movie!

And I can say it is one of those movies which is directed much ahead of its age! A classy, subtle humor is very difficult to find in any cinema but this movie is full of such moments! You enjoy every bit of it. A movie you can watch any number of times and still laugh on the same scenes!

And I was really surprised to see this movie listed on imdb!

2) Pretty Woman (1990)

I was little confused here. Confused with "50 First Dates" and "Pretty Woman" movies. I liked them both. I liked them so so much. But I guess I fell for Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" movie. A character which any girl can relate with. A movie which is so sweet in each of its scene and dialogues. A pretty pretty movie :)

My Best Book of 2009

1) Two states of my marriage

I had option to choose between Shantaram and this book but since I wrote in the begining that these are things which I enjoyed the most and I enjoyed reading Chetan Bhagat's book more than Shantaram.

I like Chetan Bhagat's style of writing. He makes serious events humorous. And the fact that I could relate more to this book is because of two different states of my marriage too :D Whatever said and done, this book is really hilarious and depicts real life events in the most humorous way possible. I enjoyed every leaf, every scene of this book!

My Best Place of 2009

Now this one was tough considering the fact that this was the year of travels. And so I can not choose one place here. So, the best Places are:

1) Kumarakkom, Kerala

2) Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Riding on camel in the Sahara Desert with Pyarmids of Giza in the backdrop was the best experience of all.

My Best Song of 2009

It has to be "Tu Jaane Na" by Atif Aslam. Take a glimpse here..

My Best Day of 2009

This has to be my birthday surprise party! I was really really surprised and flattered :D

I felt this was the best way to end the year by remembering good memories of 2009.
Looking forward to even more enjoyable moments in 2010. Bye bye 2009!