Thursday, April 23, 2009

A summer without vacation!

Just the mention of summer vacation makes any child jump with happiness! I used to go mad in my childhood with the onset of summer vacation. No school, completely free like a bird.. free to do anything without any kind of interruption from the parents!
Ah! It used to be such a fun..!!!!

Remembering our childhood, me and darshit decided to get the feel of summer vacation again! We both joined a sports club and started going for swimming, tennis and other stuff available there. It turned out be a great refreshing experience for us.

As we started frequenting the place.. we observed small children flocking the place almost for the entire day!! The pool was full of small children struggling to learn swimming. More children struggling to hold tennis racket but still being forced to the court! I felt little relief to see no children in the gym..!

We could see all the parents forcing their children to jump in the water.. and children crying their heart out and pleading to escape from the pool! The sight was not so pleasing as we could see small children of age 5-7 years being forced by their parents to learn these activities! The worst incident occured when one kid vomited with the fear of jumping in the water...!!!

We couldnt stop ourselves from comparing... were our summer vacations the same?! The answer is obvious NO. I do not see any vacation here.. I do not see these children enjoying the freedom.. I do not see their cheerful faces.. I do not see them enjoying what they are doing... Instead I see them competing even outside their schools.. competing to excel in everything..!! And the reason is that the parents want their child not only to learn but excel in everything right from the birth!!

I am not sure how much pressure and competition these children have to undergo at such an early stage of their lives! I just hope we all become more sensitive towards the children of our society and give them enough space and freedom to grow and mature. They too have the right to enjoy their summer vacation as we did!