Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Color Splash!

Painting is something which connects me to my inner self...! The fulfillment that I get on completing a painting is just beyond words.

I am showing here two of my paintings which I like a lot.

1) A kind gesture

A colorful gesture which blends to form a painting and depicts the beauty in brush strokes!

2) A sketchy imagination

It shows an imagination of a lover who wants to find his love in a haunted palace!


Giri said...

this is awesome!

Kumar Ahir said...

wow Vineeta ! never knew you are such a good painter too. those are superb works

Vineeta said...

Thank you... I guess I should start it again.. I did this around 4-5 years back :)

workhard said...

Hi. .Vinee.. these are beautiful painting...

The first one, i seriously thought was like, kinda done by renoir..

I love the theme on the second one..

Keep working on it..

Ur work is amazing

Santhosh said...

This is just great! Never knew you had so much creativity. Did that second pic of yours get inspired by
the movie 'Bhool Bhulaiyia'?

Just for Fun ;) said...

hey awesome pics.... nice imagination