Friday, May 22, 2009

India surprised by Indians!

The title is very apt in this scenario. I must concede in this article that I was not expecting India to perform so well in elections! May 16th, Sunday, I was very happy, the day when the election results were announced. Reason - I felt a connectedness with all my fellow Indians. I had this strange feeling that India thinks how I think!! Wow!

The international media called it the world's most remarkable election. It was a five week long grueling marathon! But must say that was worth the efforts. 714 million registered voters, 800,000 polling booths, 6 million police deployed, and 1,075 Electronic Voting Machines.

Though shoes hurled, political verbiage thrown in its cheapest forms, political murders, Naxals killed 29 security staff and election officers and even hijacked a train, Indians were alive! They showed how hope prevailed over fear and how wish for stability existed over chaos. Elections 2009 are indeed a tribute to the Election Commission :)

The credit of the success of Congress party in this election evidently goes to Rahul Gandhi. I must say that the "Rahul factor" clicked! He has emerged within five years as a key strategist for the party and its star campaigner. He travelled some 87,000 kilometers in peak Indian summer weather to address more than a hundred political rallies. He turned the election results in UP and shattered the shackles of class politics where only Mayawati ruled.

Rahul-Manmohan-Sonia along with the other prominent leaders of Congress should be able to make a stable government. And I am more satisfied after seeing yesterday's news where Dr. Manmohan Singh told DMK "My way or the highway" when DMK started demanding for more seats in the cabinet! He also made it very clear that he will allow only uncorrupted ministers with clean record in his cabinet.

A "Substituted PM" in 2004 has become an obvious PM choice in 2009. Stock markets that crashed after 2004 election result have peaked two circuits after 2009 election result! You are in India dear!

I just hope India keeps getting such surprises from Indians!! Waiting to see Congress in action now! I am sure even you would want to share your part of happiness here :)


Brijesh Gajera said...

Very True, Vineeta. The collective Indian wisdom prevailed over the chaotic election scenes. I hope this is dawn of new era in Indian politics, where we see clean, non-corrupt and sincere politicians giving the country opportunities to realize its full potential.

Darshit said...

I always used to get disturbed by the thought that Karat, Deve Gowda and Mayawati will be the kingmakers this time also and thats what media also kept on insisting. So Whomever I met, I used to tell them vote for BJP or Congress but not for the third front. We dont want another puppet show for 5 years again. But media speculations were so strong about these third front that I did not have any hopes of getting the stable and strong government. But as you rightly said India was truly surprised by Indians including me. This results have really ignited my hopes of a developed india. I'm truly hopeful that this time Manmohan Singh has only one agenda, good and efficient governance rather than wasting his time and effort in convincing his allies all the time.One more thing I really can not stop laughing when I see those so called kingmakers giving their support letter to president eventhough UPA doesn't want. The time has come now when all parties should understand that India will vote for only good governance and development.

Kumar Ahir said...

be it Congress or BJP a singular government can rule far better than with third or forth front. And the result was seen in stock market the next day. I am happy that singular government has come to the power and will be able to take decisions without worrying about convincing others.
Truly Jai Ho Indian democracy this time.

Nisarg Kinariwala.... said...

"A 'Substituted PM' in 2004 has become an obvious PM choice in 2009."... Very true...Let's hope that in coming 5 years, congress will ACTUALLY prove why 1 billion vote went in favour of Congress.

Year of Hope said...

I am Happy that India has given a clear mandate to a national party like Indian National Congress. But I would differ from your blogs headline "India Surprised by Indians", it should be "BJP surprised by the Indians" :).
And you also gave credit to only Rahul Gandhi for this success, you forget the other Gandhi, Varun Gandhi, he was also the reason for getting INC a clear Mandate. ;)