Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Green Home Effect!

We celebrated June 5th as Environment Day. And I was quite satisfied by planting few trees in the suburb of bangalore until I saw today's news! Delhi air pollution reaching "emergency" limits!! My mouth was wide open! How?!! It was just above normal few months or may be few years back! Do I remember this? Obviously not. I have so many other things to do. I was so ignorant!! So are you.

And this is when I remembered one of my photos of Delhi trip and I shouldn't miss to share it!

It is not fog. It is smog (Smoke + fog). The pollution was always there but may be I was quite ignorant to see it.

But now when I see the levels rising much beyond the alarming levels, I feel atleast now we should think of doing something.. not for others but for ourselves!

This is when I found TED video..A live example of a person who stays in Delhi and has found his own way of getting fresh air!

I am sure that this info will be aleast helpful in making our homes greener! So lets not just celebrate one day as environment day.. lets celebrate each day as environment day in our homes :)

PS: Lets not just restrict it to our homes/offices.. lets spread the word!


Mohan said...

Unfortunately the manace isn't that simple. Apart from all that you have mentioned, it would be great if we avoid using paper cups, polythene carry bags, tissue papers etc un-necessarily. By doing so, we make a significant improvement in saving those huge trees being culled that generates tonnes of oxygen!

Vineeta said...

@Mohan: I agree to what you are saying. And I am seeing many companies taking steps to achieve their bit. We have become conscious. I just hope that we also do our little bit. If we cant go out planting tree every now and then.. then atleast we can try to make our house greener.

Year of Hope said...

This video tells us about how we can reduce the pollution levels in the cities. The three plants can be handy only in city areas, where there is no space for planting trees. We should also think about eradicating the solid waste by not using polythene bags or other non-degradable items. A very nice insightful article. And hey I have lots of 'Money plants' in my backyard. :)

EnableChange said...

"A step at a time"
Interesting to see that we are getting back to our age-old sustainable economy which had been out of fashion during last few decades.
I have been watching the winding moneyplants, mother-in-law's tongue (funny name though) in our houses when I was a kid. It might be useful to ask our living grandpas and grandmas for some tricks on staying healthy while not destroying our environment.
Good one Vineeta!

Smi said...

I am not sure how much each one of us will follow this at our house level.

But I make sure I use the same single plastic bag until it gets torn unlike the grocery shops here is US load our groceries at counter in two plastic bags every time instead of one.

Anny said...

hey thanks for sharing the video :)
now i am all set to create my own garden :)

pra said...

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Happy Independence day!

Sumeet.Shah said...

The point is that we see and know everything!!!!! Passing on comments from distance and making judgement seems to be running in our blood!!! Can we pls come out of this hibernation mode and be more responsible????

My apologies if I have hurt nyone's sentiments!!!

Vineeta said...

Thanks to all for their comments! I am happy to share that this post has actually helped one person from our company to set up the plants in his house! I can't describe how happy I am to hear this :)

Sumeet.Shah said...

HI Vineeta!!! Thanks for peepin in to my blog!!!

No, I did not read any other comments!!! It is related to the post!!! All I want to say is we all condemn the ill happenings in society and country and pass on comments and judgement but how much do we ourselves work towards improvement of our country or society.

The comment is not targeted towards any specific group or people. It is targeted towards everyone and it also includes myself. We need to stop cribbing and start acting.

My apologies if I ave hurt you or any other reader/commenter

Vineeta said...

@Sumeet: I completely agree with you and that is why I specifically focussed this post on our own homes! I am sure atleast we can start off from here and I am surely we will move further from here! I hope even you agree!