Monday, September 7, 2009

Thanks to all my BBs!!

Oops! I missed my 25th post! But I am happy that I remembered it on my 26th blog post :)

I started blogging long back (though was not active previously) but it feels like I started it y'day. Initially I had lot of inhibitions to start this blog! To put it in simple words, I was very lazy (I am sure my friends will be nodding heavily on this)!! But then, I thought a lot.....

And then Darshit and few of my friends persuaded me to write with the precondition that they will read all my blogs!! Lol! Later...

And here I was.. struggling with my diminutive endeavor to keep writing! But initially it used to be like...

But gradually I got some true Blog Buddies who encouraged me to write.. And write what?

And I was on a roll..... writing anything and everything!!

And here came a day when...


And this was possible because of my Blog Buddies! Kudos to you all :) You all deserve to be awarded for being so nice, patient readers of my blogs! So here goes my award to all my BBs :)

Poor Jokes

I am really sorry if I have missed any of my blog buddies here! I am passing this award to all blog buddies :)

Happy Blogging! Happy Commenting :P


Shruti said...

Thats really so sweet of you vineeta!
Thank you so much yaar!
Am really surprised with this award!

Thanks a ton and keep smiling!

Indian Pundit said...

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
......i go on and on and on.....

Indian Pundit said...

Well.......thanks a lot for this award Vineeta......


Mohan said...

Thank you so much for the award Vineeta. Should I deliver my oscar kind of winning speeach now? :)

Keep writing and keep rocking!

Indy said...

How kind of you Vineeta!Oh my! This really made my day! :) :) :)

Thank you !!!!

Mitr - Friend said...

Congrats dear on your 25th post. And congrats to all your buddies for the award..
My Travelogue

Yogesh said...

Hi Vineeta,

I remember getting ur id or say blog link from Mohan Bhai's blog....Seems God has put me in your circle to receive awards. First it was Mohan who gave away an award to me and now its u. Its really a lovely gesture and a matter of honour for me.

I like your blog and how beautifully u write. Well, even this award post u have written is too cool and the cartoon strips r simply mind-blowing...u did quite a good job...

so now we know how u came into blogging...lols...

Thanx once again Vin for bestowing me with this award....really appreciate ur concern...

keep blogging and bringing such good posts...

tke cre
b well..
Yogesh Goel

Dhiman said...

Thank you very much for the Awards !!!

Brijesh Gajera said...

Thank you so much, Vineeta!
I cannot say how happy I m receiving this award. Every morning I have woken up dreaming about this award :) Think I have to start dreaming abt something else ;-)

Bhavik said...

Aha.. Thanks Vineeta :).. by the way I am surprised that Blog Reader like me got this prestigious award without posting a single blog entry on my blog !!!
That of course gives me great sense of achievements [:P]..

Keep Blogging and I will keep reading

Anonymous said...

nice blog. u hav got a very unique writing style. loved it.

here is mine...check it out - GD Blogs!

Vipul Grover said...

Hey thnx so mch 4 this sweet badge..
Nd yeah tht was a very cool post, ideal 4 me, low in wrds bt still high in cntxt.. All my BB's should write sch posts for mxt 2 mnths so tht i cn read thm pretty quickly nd save time 4 studying :)

Anny said...

Hey thanks a lot for the award buddy :)
I liked your writing style, as one of your friends said...very unique and very well written......keep blogging..

Whats In A Name said...

Thnks a Ton....:-)
Yippie... We have some award to post on our blog atlast!!!!!

Ashutosh Pandey said...

Woof, Woof, Woof! You call that a blog entry? hahahahahahhaha
But anyways Thank you for the Award! :p
But I read about your swimming experiences it won't be counted as 25th blog entry! :)

Smi said...

My Dil goes hmmm hmmm hmm....Congrats to you and thanks a lot dear...The pictures ae the exact state of my mind.But now in a town to browse or not to browse is the question.Forget about blogging :)

Keep going Good Luck dear !

pra said...

thanks a lot Vineeta! Nice post and a very touchy original award! Thanks a lot!!

Shruti said...

Hi :)
you are tagged!
Check my blog!

Keep smiling!

N J said...

It does happen with me at times...

Mitr - Friend said...

Wow... I am so happy and glad.. Thanks a lot Vineeta...
My Travelogue

Sumeet.Shah said...

Thanx!!!! YOu made my Day!!!! My first award!!!! Thanx to u!!!!

Indian Pundit said...

Visit my blog

An award is waiting for you


Mitr - Friend said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mitr - Friend said...

Hey Vineeta,
Check out my blog here
My Travelogue

pra said...

You have an award waiting for you on my blog! Please collect it!

Whats In A Name said...

Long time no post?????

Prasanth - പ്രശാന്ത്‌ said...