Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Flavors of Life - II

This is in continuation to post Flavors of Life - I


Tears in their eyes, before I could cry
Smile on their face, when I win the race
Pain in their heart, when I fall apart

Toiled in their lives, to see me flying
Here came the day, I flew high in the sky
just to realize there is no life at those heights!
I was happy to stall, to finally see them all.

Here is the day..
Tears in my eyes, before they could cry,
Smile on my face, when they win the race,
Pain in my heart, when they fall apart,
And Laughs in my heart, to see our new journey start!

Stay tuned for the upcoming flavors.....!!

1 comment:

Bhavik said...

Hey though this flavor is short one, it has got many tastes ;)...
I like the "Laughs in my heart" ending... I like happy endings.. :)... :)

By the way, This poem surely makes one to miss family.