Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Weekend Spree!

Whoosh! What a hangover that I am lying on the bed with all my spare parts loose and aching!! hahaha..!

As usual we had been planning a day out with family for almost a month and it finally got materialized this weekend! We all were very excited including my 1 year old niece :-D. We planned to go to some far off resort in Bangalore to spend full day away from the pending list of tasks which generally consumes the full weekend. I am sure all of you would be able to relate to this list ;-)

We choose "Eagleton Golf Resort" on Mysore Road and started quite early on Sunday morning. We all planned to spend the entire day there and were awestruck to see such a vast green cover in the resort!

It took us some time to explore the place! And after all the fights over who will do what, we all decided to warm up with a badminton match.

And what a warm up, we never stopped after that! Badminton followed by squash,

followed by basketball, followed by volleyball,

followed by football and then lunch break!!!! I know it is too much.. And I concede that we overdid but then who does not love playing :-D And the day did not end here!!

We had sumptuous lunch buffet and we all including the children savored the delicacies for almost an hour and half!

After all we all had burnt all the calories already ;-) You can imagine next! We all just rushed to lie under the tree shade and did not speak for an hour.. hahaha! I must say that the green grass was much much better than any mattress in the world.

After resting for sometime, we all were again geared up to try out more activities. You know when we are in group, we hardly feel tired! We are so geared up to play, enjoy and explore that we do just do not stop. And we all were no different.

The resort has a big multilevel pool which can tempt anybody. So what can I say - we all jumped in the pool. It was fun to swim there as nobody else was in the pool :-)

We all felt refreshed after swimming. As we proceeded, we were told that there was a small temple in the vicinity on small hill. We all just thought of checking out. And what an idea - We decided to go on bicycle. I would like to advice here based on my experience: if you are not a regular bicycle rider, do not attempt to ride it on a hill!!! We just did that :-))

But the experience paid off when we reached the top! It was a pleasant unexpected surprise. The place was just beautiful!

We stayed there until the moon itself came up to bid bye to us.

We all returned with a big smile on our face. The weekend spree ended in a tranquil manner rejuvenating us for the coming week days though losening some of my spare parts :-))


Bhavik said...

I am yet to read this full post.. though can't resist commenting seeing snaps.. pics say that you both had full sporty day ;)..

Brijesh Gajera said...

Eagleton is a nice place to spend a weekend. The golf course there is one of the best in India. But what I enjoyed there the most when I visited it was the bicycle ride to reach to the temple - climbing up completely consumes one's energy but the wind which pampers one while going down is worth the sweat. To see the sun going down from the temple was a blissful experience!